Android Roadmap

Planned work for the 2024 release of Thunderbird for Android (K-9 Mail).

Improve Account Setup

Implement a more automated account setup flow with settings auto-discovery and guided setup steps.

Folders Drawer UI improvements

Default implementation of unified folder alongside the ability to manage and organize long folder lists.

Message View UI improvements

Improvements of the content rendering of single message view, better management of contacts, extra info, and attachment through bottom sheets.

Material 3

Complete adoption of the Material 3 UI toolkit.

Simplified Settings

Improvement and reorganization of the settings in order to offer simpler and more intuitive paths to customization and control.

K-9 Mail -> Thunderbird for Android

Thunderbird for Android will be released once all these major efforts are completed and the most glaring bugs and crashes are resolved in K-9 Mail.

Thunderbird for Android will not replace K-9 Mail as both app will be maintained and released at the same time and can be used in parallel.

Conversation View

Implementations of a threaded “conversation” - similar to the mobile Gmail interface.

Syncing Support

Implementation of Mozilla Accounts and Sync between Desktop and Mobile.

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