Android Roadmap

Android Priorities through the summer of 2023.

OAuth Support for Major Providers

Expected Delivery: DONE
Ensure OAuth support for the major providers: Outlook/O365/hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo.

Swipe Between Messages

Expected Delivery: DONE
Users have long requested the ability to swipe between messages that are in the current folder being viewed.

Improve Account Setup

Expected Delivery: Q1 2023
Currently, the K-9 account setup is not as “smart” as the Thunderbird account setup and will sometimes make wrong assumptions about an account’s server. We will leverage Thunderbird’s auto-configuration service to make K-9 account setup much better.

Hierarchical Folder View

Expected Delivery: Q3 2023
Folders are currently not displayed in a hierarchical way in K-9. That creates a bad UX and makes managing messages in folders a pain.

Message View Overhaul

Expected Delivery: Q3 2023
Better display messages by default, better scrolling within a message, better default “zoom” so that the message appears at the correct size even if it is formatted in a bad way.

Material 3

Expected Delivery: Q4 2023
The K-9 interface looks outdated, does not conform to the current material design (Android platform) standards. We intend to bring it up-to-date with these as well as fix some workflow issues.

Simplify Settings

Expected Delivery: Q4 2024
Many K-9 users report that the application settings are too complex and things don’t appear where they expect them. Need to better arrange and contextually expose settings.

K9 -> Thunderbird for Android

Expected Delivery: Q4 2023
Thunderbird for Android released!


Expected Delivery: Q1 2024
Currently K-9 doesn’t support tags, even though this is part of the IMAP standard. It’s a relatively easy lift with most of the work coming from UX/UI considerations.


Expected Delivery: Q1 2024
Currently K-9 doesn’t support filters. This is something that users will expect coming from desktop Thunderbird - we want feature parity here.

Conversation View

Expected Delivery: Q1 2024
K-9 users have long requested the ability to view a thread as a “conversation” - similar to the mobile Gmail interface.

Syncing Support

Expected Delivery: Q1 2024
With syncing coming to Thunderbird desktop in 114, the ability to sync accounts and other data (such as filters) with the mobile Thunderbird experience should be supported.