Thunderbird Live Development Videos

Follow along with UX Architect Alessandro as he works on various parts of Thunderbird, fixing bugs, changing the UX/UI, and showing how to participate in Thunderbird's development.

Bug Fixes and Submitting Patches

In this development session Alessandro creates a patch to fix issues with the dark theme on Linux and explains how to create a patch and submit it for review.

UX/UI Design Process

Alessandro walks through the design process and how mockups are made, iterated upon, and the thinking behind the process.

Folder Fixes and Searching the Codebase

In this session Alessandro works on fixing a bug with folders in Thunderbird, he also demonstrates how to search through the code in order to find what you are looking for.

Compose Window and Inspecting UI Elements

In this session Alessandro works on fixing some compose window bugs and explains how to work with the compose window interface and inspect the Thunderbird interface elements.

Changing How Attachments Work

In this session Alessandro works on changing how attachments are displayed when composing in Thunderbird.

Compose Window and Attachment UI

In this session Alessandro continues improvements to the compose windows and attachment interface. He also dives in-depth on styles and other bits that make up how the UI is built.

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